Learn About Low Vision Local Resources is now 99 Cents

Low Vision Rehab announces the new price of 99 Cents for the Learn About Low Vision Local Resources which can be downloaded for $.99 per state.  This list covers every state including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The Learn About Low Vision Local Resources provides a list of State Resources which will give you all the information, about all of the local resources in your State.  These resources become your guide to follow, as you learn where to get all the proper help a person with low vision deserves.

For another 99 Cents you can also get the Learn About Low Vision and Low Vision Aides.  This information was written to help people with low vision, and to help those who are trying to help someone with low vision. This information is simple to read and one that should be read, and shared with other people that need to learn about about eye doctors, low vision, and low-vision aids that can help you now.

These resources are the idea of Patrick J. Fischer – Chief Evangelist of Low Vision Advisor.  Through his 33+ years in the high-technology field, most of which was spent helping the blind and visually impaired, Patrick has reached out to many professionals he knows to help with the Low Vision Advisor.

Patrick strives to be America’s biggest advocate for eye doctors and all the great work they do to help people with their vision.  Patrick often proclaims, “Get your eyes checked on a regular basis!  First and foremost (and you will hear me say this many times), it is very important to get your eyes checked on a regular basis. Everyone needs to develop a relationship with an eye doctor in his or her community and get his or her eyes checked on a regular basis. All people at all ages need to get their eyes checked to ensure they have healthy eyes.”

What is Low Vision?
Low vision is defined as visual impairments that are not correctable through surgery or corrected lenses. Low vision causes a reduction in visual acuity, visual field, or both. The term low vision is often used interchangeably with visual impairment. Low vision refers to a loss of vision that may be severe enough to prevent someone from completing daily activities such as reading, cooking, using a computer, or walking outside safely. With the proper help, a person with low vision can learn to complete his or her daily activities and live independently.

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